There Before You Stand Those Boulders

Puttingstone Boston Basin

 (A Marvel of Beauty, A Diversity of Strength)

 AR Palacio 2014      


         There before you stand those Boulders,

                  Full of Unity & Life,

         Full of Power, there they Tower,

                  Valued Giants, Forged by Time,

         All true Ancients, which are mentioned,

                  In the Progress of our Lives,

         Treasured miracles of Nature,

                  With Geology that’s Sound,

         Check there closely every Feature,

                  & Composition which is bound,

         Course from eons full of Hardships,

It stills Shines if it is buffed,

         River Gravel its Beginning,

                  Full of Quartzite, Granite, & Rock,


                  Squeezed & Bounded by Earth Forces,

         For 12,000 years or More,

                  See those Colors rich & Lasting,

         *Puttingstone, the Primary choice,

                  As different Colors mark a Region,

         As different Compositions target each Type,

                  All so Wondrous & Appealing,

         Trued & Tried they enrich our Lives,

                  *Puttingstone, the “Rock of Ages”,

         Building Shelters, see them Rise,

                  Nature’s gift for lasting Pleasure,

         For foundations which Invite,

                  See endurance so Enlightened,

         Full of History & Time,

                  A true Partner for All Seasons,

         From our Pages & Archives,

                  View this Heritage of Champions,

         Watch development so Fine, (1843-1910),

                  See those Buildings & those Structures,

         See the Walls Stonemasons build,

                  Walk into grand Gothic Churches,

         With Foundations which still Hold,

                  Check that “*Puttingstone of Boston”,

         See Rocksbury’s “The Ledge”, recalled,

                  Check those Boulders there in J.P.,

         View the ones in Mission Hill,

                  Bold & Powerful, they Tower,

         Full of Nature & Hidden Dreams,

                  Full of Strength they grip our Vision,

         As everything they Share it Seems,

                  Sharing Memories & Treasures,

         With Commitment which Enfolds,

                  Know their Legacy & Wonder,

         Know Empowerment that Holds,

                  Value those Magic Moments,

         Cherish those Fantastic Times….!!

Fact:          Nature’s Gift

         Puttingstone Rocksbury/Roxbury

                  Cemented by Natural Mineralization

Note:          Timeline

         View this Legacy of Nature,

                  See this Journey full of Life…!!


            Jose Angelo Rivera Palacio (DAV)

E-mail —

                Community & Civil Rights Activist, (Dallas/Ft. Worth)

Youth Intervention Program   SMA/MAS Youth Program

       Stand Down – Christian Volunteer – Boston, Ma. (2011-13)

          Vietnam Combat Veteran   U.S.M.C.   Semper Fidelis

               G Company, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marine Division

                   (Know that We stood for All, Not just for One) 


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